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My photo career began as a hobby in the mid 60's, building telescopes, learning astro-photography and processing film in a darkened bathroom in our New Hampshire house. I joined the Marine Corps in 1972 and served 6 years, first as a parachute rigger, then as a photographer. Upon leaving the Corps I started work as a custom printer in Orange County, California. Working my way up I was soon managing one of the largest labs on the West coast. This experience gave me a solid foundation in film, lab operations and processing technology.
My first digital imaging experiences go back to 1982 when the technology was just getting off the ground. During my lab years I was able to design and build optical, mechanical and electronic devices for sale within the photographic lab industry. With this background, and a love for both technology and film, I started Gamma Tech in 1990. The goal was to provide quality restoration services to photo labs here in the Albuquerque area. At that time I did not do my own film recording, and quality was always a serious issue.
In 1992 I started a bulletin board service to facilitate file transfers with our local clients, and also purchased my first film recorder. Bulletin boards were replaced by the internet and gammatech.com was born in 1992. I have added and updated equipment and services over the years, some of which is documented in our history page. Working with planetariums since 1996 created a highly refined and accurate level of quality that I'm very proud of. I strive to provide that same level of quality to all of my customers.
My focus is on quality, with speed, price and customer service all a close second. I currently operate using 3 Agfa Alto 16k film recorders shooting film from 35mm through 8x10 inches.
I invite your input. Most of this site is a direct result of customer comments. Please contact me at any time to let me know what I can do better.
My Guarantee: I will reshoot any work that is not acceptable to you, or refund the full amount of your order upon return of all materials to Gamma Tech. I work hard to provide the highest quality product in the industry. I ask only that you be honest and timely with any complaints.
In the case of large jobs where a special price has been agreed to, reshooting work which is a result of our error will be done at no charge, however customer edits will be charged at the discounted rate.

~Charlie Dodge - Owner

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