Slides from digital files, from prints, from scans, from jpeg, from tiff or from any other common software program.



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File Format Information

We accept the following digital formats for imaging, or we can create presentation slides from your notes, via FAX, e-mail or snail mail. We can provide high quality digital copy slides from your photos, or 2-color slides from black & white artwork. We also produce high quality 35mm negatives or 4x5 negatives and transparencies from any of the formats listed below.

File Formats




Mac PICT, Sun Raster, Amiga IFF


PostScript, EPS, PRN

Special Formats and Applications

Microsoft Powerpoint

MS Word

MS Excel

Photo CD

Astro Photo CCD images

Digital Camera

Fractals and Digital Art

Unfortunately we no longer support these software packages: Harvard Graphics, Freelance Graphics, ASAP, Word Perfect Presentations.

Native formats

  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
  • Adobe Photo Deluxe
  • MGI PhotoSuite
  • Ron Scott QFX
  • U-Lead PhotoStyler
  • U-Lead Cool 3D
  • U-Lead PhotoImpact

We support over 80 different raster formats in addition to those listed above.

Call us or leave E-Mail if you have a format not listed here.

Please be sure that raster formats are saved in RGB color space, not CMYK.

Supported Media Types:

  • MAC or PC format CD ROM
  • MAC or PC format DVD Data disk
  • Compact Flash, Smart Media or Memory Stick
  • SD or XD style memory card
  • Any type of memory with USB


Gamma Tech: (505) 293-9440