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File Format Information

We accept over 80 different file formats for imaging. Below are details on a few of the accepted types. Click the icon for more details.

Aspect Ratio

Note that whatever the format of the original file you send we will not distort the image to fill the frame unless requested to do so. The standard 35mm film frame is 24 by 36mm (2:3). Images are enlarged from their original pixel size by equal amounts, Horizontal and Vertical, until one dimension reaches the edge of the film frame. Images are automatically rotated for the largest fit in the frame unless otherwise requested.

About DPI or PPI settings

Forget about it. The only thing that matters is how many pixels the image contains, not how many pixels we need per inch. Film is a fixed size, which means the image will be scaled to fit that size, no matter what the PPI setting is. If there are less pixels than needed for a film format then the image will scale up, and if there are more pixels than necessary then the image will scale down.

Supported File Formats

Click for information
JPEG TIFF files PhotoShop RAW images PNG Files Adobe Acrobat PDF
Powerpoint Files Targa Files BMP Files GIF Files Mac PICT Files Sun Raster Files Kodak Photo CD Amiga IFF Files
WMF files WPG files DXF files PostScript files Encapsulated PostScript files CGM files

Legacy Software Support

If you use any of the following software you should be able to create one of the supported formats listed above. Let us know if you have problems and we will try to help: