Jan 2021

FedEx Price changes.
Unfortunately as our shipping costs increase I have to pass them on. FedEx shipping charges have been increased by $5 for all domestic services.

July 2020

A couple of prices increased.
Min order for 35mm color or B&W negatives increased from $15 to $20.
8x10 Transparency price increased from $80 to $100 for the first, and from $75 to $80 for the second exposure from each image.

May 2020

Because all medium format film is now being imaged at a much higher resolution I have removed the medium format sizes larger than 6x7cm.
If a larger size is needed it can be sized and shot on 4x5 film.

Feb 2020

Updated images in the product selection section of the mailing, order and upload pages.

Feb 2020

Removed stock images from the website.

Feb 2020

Price for Priority Mail shipping increased from $7 to $8.

Jan 2020

Changed the Schedule page to make changing months easier.

Nov 2019

Changed both the Upload page and the Order page to fix some confusion reguarding which form to use. Hopefully it will make more sense.

Aug 2019
Kodak E100

35mm slide film changed from Fuji RDPIII to Kodak E100.

May 2019

Quite a few code changes to makes things run faster.

Updated the medium format page to the correct resolutions for
6x4.5, 6x6 and 6x7 film sizes.

Aug 2018

We are testing Ilford Pan F Plus as a replacement film for Fuji Acros. This film was chosen based on customer suggestions, and so far the results are looking very good. The switch will be probably be made soon.

June 2018

On the Gobo design page whenever the "Store this Design" button is pressed, and your browser allows for local storage, the design information will also be saved to your computer. The next time you load the page and previous designs are found they will be added to the list of "Stored" designs. From there you can review, delete or fill in sizing information to order them.

Also on the Gobo design page, hovering over a font selection will now preview the font in the Preview window as well as the Font Style Preview area.

Bit of a face lift on the site, and some code changes to improve speed.

Changed the Order form to default fully to Dropbox upload.

May 2018

Added some new background choices to the Gobo designer page, and also added the option to add a soft edge to the gobo image area.

Apr 2018

Finally updated the file format page, something that has been needed for WAY too long.

Apr 2018

Fixed a problem on the Gobo designer so that Image and Cut sizes are checked and easy correction can be made if they are switched.

Mar 2018

Built a mobile friendly page. When looking at Gamma Tech on a mobile device there's now a much smaller page with basic film and contact information.

Jan 2018

Numerous technical fixes.

US Post Office prices on Priority Mail went up, so our price went from $6 to $7.

Dec 2017

Switched 35mm B&W film from Ilford Delta 100 to Fuji ACROS, which we found after testing to be a much better film for film recording. Primarily the grain structure in the film is much better than the Ilford film.

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Aug 2017
processing tanks

After months of design, prototyping and testing we finally completed our 6 and 10 sheet processing tanks for 4x5 black & white processing.

These inversion tanks are in use now, and provide absolutely even and consistent processing while using a fraction of the chemistry required by commercial tanks. (just 14 ounces for the 6 sheet tank.)

Sorry, not for sale. The 10 sheet tank takes over 60 hours on a 3D printer to make, and I would need to charge way too much for them.

Mar 2017

Added preview images on the upload form.

Added an information block for Safari browsers on the upload page, and fixed a problem with upload fail alerts when using Safari.

Mar 2017

Increased the number of files from 24 to 50 on the file upload page.

The upload form now will allow up to 50 files to be uploaded, and the file selection method has been simplified.

Feb 2017

Made a few improvements and bug fixes to the Gobo Design page, and added a few new background designs.

Reorganized the file structure of the site and eliminated orphan files.

Feb 2017

Went live on the GOBO design page.

For anyone who wants to create a custom gobo for any event you can do so on this page. Choose a background design, fonts, colors, and add up to 5 text lines. Rotate, size and drag the texts into position, add to your list, and compare creations before you place your order.

Dec 2016

Reorganized the upload form to (hopefully) be more user friendly.

Among other things the international shipping address is now a text area, which will allow the address to be entered exactly as it should be on the shipping label. Credit card information has been greatly simplified to eliminate unnecessary information, and quicker entry, and the order summary is at the end of the form, where it should be. The automated email response, and the order confirmation pages have all been redesigned.

Dec 2016

Replaced the FTP page with DropBox. The FTP page relied on script that was no longer supported in some browsers. The DropBox link will allow users to send files directly to us without having to have their own DropBox account.

Nov 2016

Another face lift. This site has obviously changed a lot since 1994 but a lot of the old code was still behind the scenes. All of our pages are now W3C compliant, and hopefully things look a little better too.

Oct 2016

Gamma Tech has always been known for color accuracy, but it just got better. After a month of testing, all the film types have been re balanced using a new software written by Gamma Tech. This software corrects the camera Look Up Tables 16 times more accurately than other methods.

The added advantage for us it that it takes less than 5 minutes to generate a new table. Previously it took 20 to 30 minutes.

Will you notice a difference? Probably not since these tweaks are so fine that the human eye can't detect them, but it insures that our quality is unmatched.

Mar 2016

We have never had a minimum order size on 35mm slides, but we find it necessary to add $1 to orders for only one slide. This was necessary because we pay the lab a handling fee for every order and combined with increases in film, processing, labor and packaging we were at a break even on these orders, thus the change.

Mar 2016

Update on pretty much everything, hopefully for the better. Streamlined a lot of the code for quicker response, and increased font sizes on all the pages to make things a bit easier on the eyes.

Added a new page called GOBO, which will allow users to calculate image sizes on all film formats. It is not necessary to size files before sending them to us, but by using the GOBO page the user will be able to create and preview images at camera resolution, which should result in a better end product.

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Feb 2016

Long time since I've added to this page. We are still shooting film! Over the past year we've changed processing to Denver Digital Imaging in Denver Colorado. Unfortunately our previous lab, Digi-Graphics has closed, and the owner, and one of my best friends, Les DeMoss passed away late last year. He will be missed greatly.

Oct 2015

We were able to successfully transition our 35mm slide options to use 24 and 36 exposure rolls of film. This was a somewhat difficult process, and I will really miss shooting on the 400 foot bulk rolls as we have for years.

Feb 2015

Planetarium services are no more. At the beginning of Feb. we exhausted our supply of Long Roll Kodak E100G film. The current film we use for slides uses a B&H sprocket hole, and the film chip will not fit cleanly over the pins of a pin registered mount. We may also be switching to short roll film within the coming months, and film recorders using this film do not provide accurate pin registration.

Jan 2015

With the reduced supply of long roll 35mm film we are forced to increase the price of 35mm slides, beginning on February 1st, to $5 each for the first exposure and $4 each for additional exposures from the same image.

Sep 2014

Digital versions of all background images are now available.

Jan 2014

Added links to the new product section of the website. Apparel, Mill work and laser etching and cutting services.

Jan 2014

Price increase on Planetarium slides, unfortunately as film stock runs low.

Color negatives are done. Unfortunately we don't currently have a supply of long roll 35mm color negative film, so until we get one of our four new film recorders set up to shoot short rolls we will not be offering 35mm color negatives. We will continue to offer medium format and 4x5 color negatives.

Nov 2013

After several lost orders of super slides by the postal service we have decided to only ship super slide orders by Federal Express. International orders will also have the option of Express Mail, which in most cases can be tracked with some accuracy.

Oct 2013

As our film supply for 35mm dwindles we continue to balance price with supply. Large duplicate orders eat a large supply of film, so unfortunately the price for additional exposures is jumping up to $3 each. I hate to do this, but in order to serve our clients for the longest possible time it is a necessity.

July 2013

Unfortunately (again) prices are going up on 35mm film. up from $3 to $4, and the planetarium slides are going up as well. See the pages for those products for the full price list. Film is going fast, so we're forced to make the increase.

Feb 2013

Shipping charge increase. Shipping for Fed Ex as well as overseas mail services have jumped significantly in the past few months forcing a price increase.

Dec 2012

Kodak announces the discontinuance of transparency film. Not a big shock, but still... Fortunately they will continue to manufacture (according to Kodak) the film we use for 35mm slides. We have been testing on Fuji film for a while on all other sizes, and there shouldn't be any big change when we run out of Kodak stock.

Feb 2012

Fixed a bug in the comments section of the forms that was not allowing users to input multiple lines. Not sure how long it was broken, but it's fixed now.

Feb 2012

After almost a year with JustHost things broke. We moved our site to linuxhostingplans.com. This is the same company we use for most of the forms on our site, so we expect things to run smoothly from now on.

Jan 2012

Removed products from our products page and changed the page to a stock image page. Photo related products are still available on upload and order forms.

International postage rates increased in a big way. Rates adjusted on all the forms, and added 1st class international mail option.

Dec 2011

35mm glass mounts are no longer available from any reliable source, so we felt it best to remove them from our services. Over the past year we have been searching, and if we can find a reliable source for pin registered mounts we will add them back.

Dec 2011

It was necessary to modify our Guarantee to cover special cases where our generous policy was being taken advantage of. The addition is:

"In the case of large jobs where a special price has been agreed to, re-shooting work which is a result of our error will be done at no charge, however customer edits will be charged at the discounted rate."

Nov 2011

Added information to the 35mm Advanced section to describe non-standard viewing correction techniques.

Revised all of our printing services and updated all the forms for a more uniform layout.

Removed all the Site-Pal audio from the site. The annual fees outweighed the number of plays.

Made the Super Slide preview software available.

Back in production of Super Slides using our own mounts. Information on the mounts is on the Super Slide page. The cost per mount is about 3 times greater than the old mounts, but the results are excellent, and we no longer have a supply problem. Turnaround time for mounted super slides is now 5 days with a $20 minimum order.

Unfortunately, like everything else, our shipping costs are increasing. After taking a loss on most Fed Ex shipping over the last year we had to raise the price about 17% overall.

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Sep 2011

After waiting for months for our supplier to deliver mounts for Super Slides we decided to take matters into our own hands. We set up a company called GCD Laser and began working out a method to produce our own Super Slide mounts.

Mar 2011

Updated the FTP page.

Mar 2011

We move to a new host. In November our previous hosting company moved our site to a new server. We began having problems, and after 3 months of not getting things working right we decided to look for a new hosting company. We are now hosted with JustHost.com. After a few initial problems everything seems to be working, hopefully it stays that way.

Jan 2011

After 7 months of increased film costs (see the April and May 2010 entries) it finally became necessary to increase prices on 35mm slides. Not something I wanted to do, but not much choice.

Oct 2010

Added Virtual Background stock images from Digital By Derran Photography to the site store.

Sept 2010

Made some minor tweaks to the Super Slide page, and all the forms for smoother processing. Cleaned up and refined some background process code.

July 2010

Rebuilt our site store from scratch. I've never liked the interface of the cart program we were using, so I decided to build one that better matched the rest of our site, and is more flexible. Everything is now on one page, including the shopping cart and checkout. Some of the features of the catalog will soon be used in other places on the site.

June 2010

Added Stock Image background images to our site store. These are primarily for Virtual Background systems in Super Slide and 35mm formats.

May 2010

After much testing only one problem remains with the new film. Because the film is manufactured with Bell & Howell sprocket holes the film chips will not mount correctly in pin registered mounts, which are manufactured with KS (Kodak Standard) pins. We talked to GEPE, just in case there was an option for a run of special mounts, but found that option to be cost prohibitive.

Because of this problem, We contracted with Kodak to specially manufacture film required by Gamma Tech for pin registered work for the next several years.

The end result for planetariums is that no sizing changes will be necessary, and this film change should be without any change to your current procedures.

Unfortunately, because these changes increased our film cost by over 50%, there may be a price increase in the near future for 35mm slide imaging. Only 35mm slide prices will change.

Apr 2010

Eastman Kodak announces that 35mm transparency film will no longer be available in 100 foot bulk rolls. As soon as we heard this we purchased all the film we could find that was still in the supply chain (about 50 rolls). Unfortunately this is only about a 3 month supply of film.

We also began modification on 2 of our film recorders to shoot 400 foot rolls of film (which is still available), and added a fourth Alto 16K film recorder into production.

The new film is virtually identical to E100G, color and grain test out to be indistinguishable, but the sprocket holes of the film are different, which required modification of the film advances and pin registration in the film transport options.

Mar 2010

Fixed a bug in the Upload form that caused the quantity to be reset if the value was entered before the file was selected.

Fixed a bug on the Schedule page that caused the month to disappear on some month changes.

Updated resolutions on Medium format sizes up to 6x7, based on new equipment added in Feb.

Modified the 35mm "Advanced" information to include more information on the technology of film recording.

Feb 2010

Fixed some scrolling problems on several pages.

Fixed page sizing on pages with tabs so the page height matches the height of the tab being viewed.

Began testing a new medium format film recorder which will provide higher resolution 6x7 film. New information will be up on the medium format page soon.

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Jan 2010

Back to the usual high quality film processing at Digi-Graphics after they completed their move to the new location.

Added some options to the Upload, FTP, Order, and Mailing forms. Some of which are specific format options for Medium Format Film Recording, the ability to order prints on any of the forms, and a selection on the Upload page to make all the quantities equal.

Consolidated many of the javascript files to run more smoothly.

Reformatted all the email automated response forms.

Added File conversion services to the site, something we've done for years, but never really offered it this way.

Dec 2009

Overhaul of the Scanning page. Completely reworked the form to include more options, and layout changed to make things easier to understand.

Re formatted the planetarium page for easier navigation.

Numerous script changes and additions for smoother operation. Most that nobody will ever notice, but just needed to be done.

Running film at Reed Photo in Denver for most of December while Digi-Graphics moves to it's new location and installs a new Refrema E6 processor.

Nov 2009

Completed updating all the form validation issues, added some product selection options, and reformatted all of the automated emails to be (hopefully) a bit easier to understand.

Oct 2009

All the programming books say you can't erase a file selection field on a form. I finally found a way around that problem, so now beside each line in the upload form there is a "clear" button that will remove your file selection in that line.

The reasoning why this can't be done is explained as a security issue. If you can clear that information, then you could presumably change it and steal a file from the users computer. This workaround fixes the problem without any security issues.

Changes to most of the forms: Pay Pal requests for payment is now an option. Improved the error checking routines to avoid delays in some orders.

Reduced the price on Slides from Prints and Slides from Negatives from $4 each to $3.50 each, with additional copies still at only $1 each.

Jun 2009

Completed the updates started in April.

Apr 2009

Overhaul of the web site including simplified home page, new formats, menus, more information, and better examples. Still some pages being worked on, but hopefully all will be updated by mid May 2009. -Also discovered slidesurvey.com, which ranks Gamma Tech as the best quality for slides from digital files.

Nov 2008

Major Change: Because of changes beyond our control we have had to increase our turnaround time by nearly 1 day. Jobs received by 4:00PM Mountain Time, will now ship the following day. Because all processing will now require an overnight shift we are unable to shoot, process and ship orders on the same day.

Why: With the closure of Carl's darkroom, the sole remaining E6 (slide) processing facility here in Albuquerque, we faced some hard decisions. We could shut down also, we could purchase a lab, we could start up a new lab, or we could find another lab.
My love has always been to provide the highest quality possible on film, not in processing the film itself. (The last E6 line I ran was back in 1991.) The best choice was to outsource the film processing. Our film is now processed, inspected and packaged by Digi-Graphics, a lab in Fort Collins, CO.

Quality is exceptional, but the trade-off is that we need 1 extra day to process and ship the film. In addition to the standard process control strips run at Digi-Graphics we run daily camera calibration tests to monitor both our recording quality and the processing quality. The result has been continued excellent quality with a slightly longer turnaround time.

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Nov 2008

Added printing services to the site. Also modified all the menu systems to (hopefully) be more interactive and informative. Also added a help page to the FTP interface.

Sep 2008

Finally corrected a problem with the progress bar on the upload page so that it (should) now work with Internet Explorer Browsers on the PC and Mac. The next challenge is to get it functioning with Safari and Google Chrome browsers. - UPDATE - it now works with Chrome.

Jul 2008

Because of rising shipping costs we raised some of out Fed Ex Charges by about $2, but we still have some of the lowest shipping charges around.

May 2008

Added new scanning services for bulk 35mm and medium format. The scanning calculator was revised to handle the new services. Removed most of the Google advertising from the site.

Mar. 2008

Added a few products to the catalog. Made a few more menu updates. Added some Google search and advertising features (reluctantly). And added a "quick search" pull down menu to the main page.

Feb. 2008

We made a change to the way we ship Fed Ex. Because of rising shipping costs, we were forced to quit taking the loss for orders requiring signatures on delivery. Fed Ex charges an additional $2.50 to collect a signature when they make a delivery, so we switched our option from "No signature required" to "Require a signature" and added a $2 charge when the option is checked to help offset our shipping loss. We continue to look for ways to keep our prices low, hopefully this will help.

Dec. 2007

Added shipping time calculation to the Upload and FTP order forms. Added option to purchase additional slide pages on Upload and FTP forms.

Nov. 2007

Combined the Scanning page and the scanning order form into one. Now you can compute what an order will cost, generate a printable form, and send your scanning materials much more easily. The main advantage is that the price calculator is not restricted to looking like an order form, and the order form can be formatted much more clearly.

New Mailing form setup. Similar to the Scanning order form, now all the information can be input without the restriction of having it on a printable form, and the form is generated in a much more readable format. There are quite a few behind the scenes changes that make this much better, and more expandable as time allows.

Nov. 2007

More minor changes, and one big one. We added audio assistants to the main page, and to the 35mm slide page. During this month we hope to have audio assistants all over the site.

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Oct. 2007

Pretty much a new site. Main page completely edited, Super Slide page added, updates on large format, 35mm negatives, consolidated the planetarium information, completed the CSS integration, completely new menu with no sub menu items for faster navigation, and added the on line store. Some products from the store will soon be added to the upload, FTP and mailing forms.

Sept. 2007

Complete revision of the Formats page with better functionality and updated information, as well as purge of formats, programs and media types no longer supported. More changes to the upload page, primarily in the error checking, fixed some display problems, and wrote better code for trapping the enter key.

Began work on our on line "store" which should be up and running by the end of the month. Also...updating code on about 50 pages to comply with XML standards, (what great fun).

Aug. 2007

More changes to the upload, FTP, order, mailing and order change forms to make them more similar. Hopefully a bit easier to read as well, with all the pricing reformatted. Also beefed up the error checking routines on all the forms.

Jul. 2007

Guest book back on line with recovered entries from the previous host.

Jun. 2007

During the past 2 years we outgrew Next Generation web hosting. They are an outstanding hosting company, but we needed more space. We moved first to Network Solutions. We tried for 2 weeks to make our email work, the tech support was slow to respond, scripts didn't work right, and many more problems. We moved again to IX web hosting. This service is rated one of the best on the net, and they probably are, but not for us. Our upload scripts wouldn't work because the Pearl module was about 3 years out of date, and they would not update it because "that might cause problems."

A customer suggested we look at Dream Host. We moved there at the end of July, and finally Gamma Tech has a new home! We have better connect speed than ever, all the scripts work better than ever, and we now have over 300Gb of storage space to handle just about anything. The tech support is outstanding, unlike some other hosts that seem to have idiots working the trouble tickets before they pass it on to someone who knows what to do, Dream Host tech support has the right solution the first time.

Notice that I did not provide a link to Network Solutions. My experience with them was, well.... BAD. I would recommend Next Generation and IX for most hosting, and Dream Host for anyone with more technical needs.

May 2007

Visual and technical changes made to all the order forms on the site to make them easier (I hope) to work with.

Jan. 2007

Made changes to shipping charges. Improved error trapping on the upload page, and added some information there to (hopefully) avoid some failed uploads.

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Dec. 2006

Re formatted the upload complete page to make it a bit more informational and added a print option. Also made some changes and additions to the 35mm slide page, and updated most of our site to SHTML so we can keep things up to date a little easier. Quite a few cosmetic changes too.

Nov. 2006

Added information on 8x10 inch film recording, and combined medium and large format recording pages. Menu updates, changed shipping options.

Sept. 2006

Finished testing and added the status indication to the upload page. No more guessing what's going on! Also enhanced the Upload Complete screen to include order information, and reformatted the auto responders. This was a MAJOR improvement for all who upload files.

Mar. 2006

All scanning pages changed, and combined to better reflect what we do. Added a scanning order form, and updated all the menus. Also changed the mailing form to avoid pop-up blocking programs. Numerous other changes made overall.

Feb. 2006

Modified the Upload and FTP order forms to better indicate shipping options, to count form entries into the quantity field, and put some checks on the credit card input field to avoid incomplete numbers and incorrectly auto filled form information. Also re worded the quantity summary to be a bit more clear.

Jan. 2006

Rough calendar for 2006 updated.

Oct. 2005

Clarified some information on the 35mm slide page.

Jul 2005

Made a few changes suggested by users.

May 2005

Finally added some information on chromaticity and slide viewing to the 35mm film recording page.

Apr 2005

Made shipping info more prominent and fixed some missing information on the 35mm film recording page. Also added some better information at the top of the upload form. Included many suggested changes by users. - Thank you for helping make this site more informative and user friendly!

Dec. 2004

Added on line invoice payment, and Calendar page.

Oct. 2004

Several modifications to the upload forms, change forms, mailing form, and added the FTP interface.

Sept. 2004

A revision of the old menu resolved the Safari issues, so it's back. Many revisions and moving information where it will be more useful. Also integrated all the pricing information into the upload form, and cleaned up the inconsistency of files between gammatech.com and slides.gammatech.com.

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Aug. 2004

Another site edit. Some services eliminated (short run CD burning, photo restoration, archival printing) and a big price drop on 35mm slides from digital files. Also revised and updated information in the format page. The standard upload page has been increased to 20 files.

Jul 2004

Another menu change. The scrolling pop up menu we were using did not include any plan to support Safari Browsers, so a new menu had to be installed. New upload scripts installed. Guest Book added.

Feb. 2004

Increased the upload page to allow 12 uploads (for 2 complete all-sky sets), and added links to Winzip and Stuffit on that page. Also updated ALL of the Planetarium information sections.

Jul. 2003

Added quick feedback form, which has since been replaced

Jul. 2003

Major face lift, menu and color scheme changes, and layout changes on many pages. Unfortunately, due to limitations of some older browsers we do suggest you use the newest versions of Opera, Internet Explorer or Netscape for the best use of the site.

Jun. 2003

Updated the phone number for BCA Mfg (formerly WESS Plastics) in the tech section.

Apr. 2003

Added contract pricing information to the site.

Feb. 2003

Minor link revisions to make things easier to find, and made some information available on several pages. (Due to some recent questions.)

Jan. 2003

Finally got around to updating the FAQ page, adding much needed information on film recorder resolutions and file types. Also worked on the film recording section to make (I hope) things a little more clear.

Dec. 2002

New film recorder installed, which changed the image size information in the planetarium section.

Dec. 2002

Made changes to the upload completed form to allow for more payment options.

Sep 2002

Updated the scanning page to include calculator for medium format film scanning prices and re worded some of the scanning descriptions to make it a little more clear. Information has been added to the Wess mount section of the planetarium imaging section. (thanks to Sky Skan for letting us use some of their information)

Jul. 2002

Just some minor changes to make things easier to find, and some clarification detail at the end of the planetarium exposure information.

Apr. 2002

Corrected the rounding problems on price calculators for 35mm slide film recording, CD duplication, and scanning pages.

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Apr. 2002

Improved menus of both the film recording and tech imaging pages and put the planetarium pricing where it should have been. Added instructions for Anonymous FTP to the upload page. Added instructions (and warnings) about Power Point 10 (the office XP version) (Changes are in blue text color.)

Mar. 2002

Updated the links page. Added this site history page.

Mar. 2002

Removed the bad debt section, and added the ability to download the entire site as either .zip or .sit file. Added a site search option to the menu bar.

Feb. 2002

Minor visual enhancements, wording changes in the technical imaging section to try to make things more clear, along with some image changes.

Sep 2001

Minor bug fixes in the calculators, cut-off times moved up one hour for next day 35mm slide services. Large format printing prices added to the printing page.

Aug. 2001

2 face lifts in the same month. I think we are finally happy with this one! All the film recording pages were combined into one page. Updates to Scanning, CD duplication, Archival printing, and format information pages. Pop up information pages replaced some of the individual pages. The technical imaging section was also added.

Aug. 2001

Temporary face lift on the home page. Calculators were completed for 35mm positive film recording. CD Duplication and printing services were added. Calculators were also added for Scanning services.

Jul. 2001

The first price calculator was added to the 35mm film recording page

Apr. 2001

More updates in the format information pages. The upload page was increased to allow 8 (previously 5) files to be uploaded. The archival printing page was again updated to simplify pricing. Slight changes were made to the menu system, and cgi scripts were streamlined.

Mar. 2001

Moved from Adaptive to Next Generation web hosting because of problems running on NT servers and very slow upload times

Mar. 2001

Moved from Web Intellects to Adaptive.net hosting because of script problems

Aug. 2000

Another new look. Updated archival printing materials and prices. Some changes made in the format information pages, and the accepted media types were updated.

Jul. 2000

Face lift on the site to make it a little easier to edit, and introduced archival printing services.

Feb. 2000

Moved from Net//works to Web Intellects hosting due to limitations on e-mail attachments at Net//works.

Jan, 2000

Added services for inexpensive 35mm digital film archiving.


Many face changes and additions to the site, all undocumented.

Nov. 1998

Switched hosting service to Net//works hosting

Dec. 1994

gammatech.com on the Internet


Working locally and operating Wildcat BBS for file transfer.

Nov. 1992

After experiencing problems with film recording from other sources I decided to purchase a film recorder and do it myself.

Jan. 1990

I started Gamma Tech to provide photo restoration services to local photo labs full time.

Pre GammaTech

Worked as GM of a local photo lab, overseeing daily operations, with focus on expanding digital services.


Worked as a deposition tech in a class 1 clean room for Signetics Corp. while doing digital photo restoration work on the side.


I started and operated a company that designed and manufactured custom built photo lab equipment. (This was my first experience being self-employed.)


After moving to Albuquerque I worked for a local surveying company as an aerial photographer using 10 inch Carl Zeiss cameras, and as a darkroom tech making rectified prints from the aerial imagery.


Started as a color printer, and later working up to production manager in one of the fastest growing custom photo labs in southern California. The lab was a trial lab for E6 processing, and I was able to work closely with a lot of great engineers and scientists at Eastman Kodak Company. In 1980 I helped set up, and later became very focused on computers and digital image production.


Joined the United States Marine Corps after high school and served in various locations working on F4 Phantom, A4 Skyhawk, A6 Intruder, and AV8A Harrier aircraft for 4 years. During my last 2 years I was able to transfer to photo and work as a photographer and color lab tech.


Learned basic photography and darkroom work through a love of astronomy and a desire to take photos of stars and planets.

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