Since 1992 we have refined our balance on negative films to the optimum quality obtainable.

Medium format (120) and 4x5 negatives are imaged at the highest resolution possible (16K).

Archive your Digital photos before they're lost forever.

Digital cameras are great things. for just a few hundred dollars they have enough resolution to make them a great tool. But a generation of photography will be lost unless you do something to preserve it in as many ways as you can. Negatives are still one of the best ways to do just that.

Why Archive?

Everything fails from time to time. Hard drives, memory cards, CD-ROM, and DVD can all loose data over time. Having an additional back up of your best images is the responsible thing to do. Take your best shots and let us archive them to film, you may be glad you did.


35mm resolution of the film recorder is approximately the equivalent of 33.6 megapixels. Medium and Large format are more than 16 times that size. The resolution is a bit deceiving when you consider that digital cameras actually interpolate red green and blue pixels to create the image, while the film recorder has a complete 24 million color capability for each pixel on the film. Negatives will produce prints far better than anything done with any other process.

Negatives are NOT obsolete.

Traditional silver photography may be gone someday, and even if that were to happen you will still be able to convert negatives back to a digital format. Contrast that with hundreds of disk and tape formats from only a few years ago that can't be read on today's computers. (Will the current DVD disk be readable in 20 years?)

File information

All 35mm negatives are imaged at 4096 x 2732 pixels. Smaller files will be scaled up, and larger files will be scaled down to fit this pixel dimension. Your files should be in 8-bit RGB for color negatives, or either 8-bit RGB or grayscale for B&W negatives. Color images should be in Adobe 1998 or sRGB color space to provide the best color match to your monitor. We accept many file types, including TIF, JPEG, PSD, PDF and others found on our formats page. The detailed file information on our 35mm slide page also applies to 35mm color negatives.

Medium and Large format negatives are imaged at either 8K or 16K resolution, depending on the size of your source fie. Detailed information can be found on the Medium and Large format page.

35mm Color images are exposed on Kodak Ektar 100 film. 35mm Black & White negatives are exposed on Kodak TMax 100 film and for printing ease, 35mm negatives are cut to a minimum of 2 frames in length.

35mm negatives are recommended for prints up to 11x14 inches. For larger print sizes we would recommend using a larger format film size.

Black & white film is hand processed and turnaround time varies, but will be shipped within 4 working days from receipt of your order.

Color negatives are processed and shipped twice weekly, Tuesday and Thursday.


are available on large orders:

email or call (505)293-9440 for a quote.

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