Super Slides

What are Super Slides?

Super Slides, also known as 46mm slides, are exactly what the name says. They are medium format film, trimmed to approximately 1-3/4 inches square, and mounted in a special 2" x 2" mount. Super Slides will not be accepted for submission to art shows or college applications.

The primary purposes are either for large display projections or, more commonly, for use with special background projection systems such as Virtual Backgrounds. Because the diagonal of the image is larger than a standard 35mm slide some projectors will cause vignetting at the corners.

Our Process


Alto with 6x7 option

Your files are scaled and imaged on Kodak E100 film at high resolution using one of our Agfa Alto Film recorders like the one pictured here with a 6x7 option mounted.

We constantly monitor the process and film emulsions to maintain the most accurate color balance possible. Your Images should be in either Adobe 1998, or sRGB color space for an accurate match.



In 2010 GEPE abruptly stopped producing mounts. We have been able to find mounts from time to time, and have a small stock of anti-newton glass mounts. We will continue to offer mounting until we run out of mounts.

For a few years we did make our own mounts from two pieces of optical quality.8mm laser cut cell cast anti- newton acrylic with hardened surfaces to minimize wear. This was an expensive process, and we do not plan to revive the process.

Preparing Images for Super Slides

We recommend that your images be at least 1800 x 1800 pixels, but this is not critical. You can send smaller size images but sharpness may be lost. In many cases this is not important for background images, but it's better to have a sharp image and defocus it.

The optimal image size is 2,750 x 2,750 pixels, this is the actual size recorded to film. Smaller images are scaled up to this dimension. Because of the mounts we produce, none of the image will be cropped by the mount.

If your image is square it will fit full frame. Images that are not square will have black at the sides or top & bottom of the image.

Your Images should be in either Adobe 1998, or sRGB color space for an accurate match. For Virtual Background images you will probably need to add Red to the image to compensate for lighting differences, but the amount may vary depending on your specific studio setting.

We accept just about any format for recording. You can check supported formats on our Format Page.


  Price Additional copies
Glass Mounted $15.00 each $10.00 each
Unmounted $10.00 each $8.00 each
Minimum order for Super Slides $20.00  
Current lab time for Mounted Super Slides is 5 days (add to delivery time)

Price Discounts

available on large orders:

email or call (505)293-9440 for a quote.

Send your files to us by any of these easy methods:

upload files for digital slides, super slides, or transparencies

Send files on line

With this easy and secure 1 page upload form you can send up to 50 files, select shipping and payment options and hit the upload button. If you have more than 50 files you can either upload more than one set and have them all shipped together, or you can use the DropBox link to send everything at once.

FTP files for digital slides, super slides, or transparencies

Send to DropBox

You don't need a DropBox account to send files to our account. Just follow the link on our order page to open a new tab and select your files to send. Once you have the files uploading, just go back to the first tab and fill out the order form and submit it. Simple.

mail your files for digital slides, super slides, or transparencies

Mail files, prints or negatives.

Fill out this easy form and hit the print button. Send the form with your files to us for imaging. You can send digital files, negatives, or prints up to 8x10 inches.

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