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Custom Pens and high quality photo printed pens

Customized pens are a specialty at Gamma Tech. Your pen can be done in any style, with acrylic or wood finish, or for a truly custom look you can upload a photo and we can turn a true one of a kind item to your special requirements.

At Gamma Tech we create unique high quality pens, fine pens, engraved pens and pencils, pencils, military pens, bolt action pens, hunter pens, acrylic pens, wood pens, and wood pencils, and with our pen designer page you can create your own beautiful and unique pen or pencil.

Marketing pens

If you are looking for a high quality pen for marketing to special clients look no further. We can add your logo, trademark, crest, or whatever else you would like. Pens can include photos printed directly on them, which are then cast and turned to a beautiful finish that will amaze.

Engraved pens

Engraving can be done on nearly any of our pen finishes, and beautiful engraving will make a great impression. The engraving can be filled with several colors to make it stand out against any pen finish

Gift pens

If you need Gift pens then Gamma Tech is your best place to shop. Let your imagination take off by using your photos on a pen, or select from thousands of possible combinations of high quality pen and unique finishes and colors.

For the ultimate gift, you can even upload a photo or artwork to us and we will produce an incredible looking high quality pen that will be treasured for years to come.

Personalized pens

A personalized pen is an excellent gift for anyone. You can create an artwork or take a photo, then upload it to Gamma Tech. We can take your photo and create a unique pen with your image as the highlight.

Printed pens

Most printed pens are done in volume, but not at Gamma Tech. Each pen is individually printed using archival techniques on the brass barrel of the pen, then hand turned and polished to a high gloss before final assembly into a beautiful pen

Printed pens make great gifts for weddings, birthdays, new baby announcements, and just about any other special occasion. Wedding pens, Birthday pens, New Baby pens, Memorial pens for loved ones, or even Pet pens are some great ideas for personalized printed pens.

Logo pens

Nothing says hello like your logo on a beautiful pen from Gamma Tech. We print your logo using archival techniques onto the brass barrel of the pen, then cast the brass pen barrel in the highest quality acrylic and hand polish to make your beautiful logo pen look like a million dollars.

Personalized pen

The ultimate personalized pen can be one you create on our custom pen page, or one which is printed with your photo or artwork, which you can upload directly to us using the Photo Pen tab above. These pens are unique, beautiful, and will give years of service.

Promotional pens

Promotional pens are normally mass produced. What does a cheap pen say about your business to your best customers? Use Gamma Tech to produce your promotional pens as a gift to those special clients to show them how you appreciate their business.

Luxury pens

You can call most of our fine pens and custom pens "Luxury pens". They all have that special pen feel, with superior ink refills providing a great writing experience.

Gel pens

Most of the pens we produce at Gamma Tech use a standard Parker style refill. These custom pens and photo pens can all use Parker style gel refills.

Company pens

If you really want to express the quality of your company, express it with a company pen from Gamma Tech. Your logo, slogan, trademark or whatever you need, wee can make truly custom printed pens for you.

Advertising pens

We don't produce the standard cheap pen you would normally use for advertising pens, but if you really want to make an impression when selling that special customer we can provide a truly custom pen.

Ballpoint Pens

Most of our pens are Ballpoint pens, using either Cross or Parker style refills.

Roller Pens | Rollerball pens

Roller pens, or rollerball pens, are a step between a ballpoint and a fountain pen. The ink delivery is much more flowing than a ballpoint, but with a bit more safety than a fountain pen. GCD Mill work produces beautiful custom Roller Pens (Custom Rollerball pens).

Fountain Pens

Custom Fountain pens and printed fountain pens are all available at Gamma Tech. We produce beautiful pens that are truly high in quality and great in value.

Hand Crafted Pens

We offer standard designs in many unique military campaign pen styles including the Viet Nam Campaign pen, Gulf War Campaign Pen, Afghanistan Campaign Pen, and Iraq Campaign Pen. We have fast turnaround times with a 30-day guarantee.

Unique Pens

If you're looking for a unique pen, either for yourself or as a gift, Gamma Tech can provide the highest quality custom pen on the market. We also offer engraving on any of the custom pen options from the custom pen designer application on the web site.